Hugo Hall

The Hugo Hall is a 300-square dark-speaking wood and brick-faced event hall. The space is well suited for concerts, meetings, seminars and family gatherings. It is located on the second floor of the house and there is an unobstructed passage. The Hugo Hall is named after factory owner Hugo Grönlund honouring the baize factory history of the house.


The basic price of the hall includes chairs and tables according to the occasion, and technology: video cannon, projection screen and voice audio (includes wireless headset and microphone).


The hall has a solid sound and light system, which is also suitable for concert and performance use. Use of the system requires the service of a professional technician. Use of a smoke machine in the space is prohibited. The hall has a stage consisting of smaller stage pieces. More detailed specifications you can find in the technology catalogue (PDF)

Serving and catering

Äärellä Kuppi+Kattila is responsible for serving in Hugo Hall. The hall also has alcohol licence rights.


With chairs: 216 persons
Dinner on the seat: 190 persons
Meeting/seminar: 98 persons



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Rent the Hugo Hall


Event in Hugo Hall

1/2-days, less than 4 h: 390€ (+ VAT 24%)
All day, 4-8 h: 620€ (+ VAT 24%)

Meeting in Hugo Hall (max. 50 person)

Day meeting (8-12/12-16): 6€ /person, min. 230€ (+ VAT 24%)
Evening meeting (16-20): 9€/person, min. 290€ (+ VAT 24%)
Prices include a chairing service. 

Venue Bookings
Tel. +458 503 505 312

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