Parking and Drop-off

Accessible parking spaces for persons with disabilities are located next to the building, near the parking machine. The drop-off point for drop-off traffic is located near the main entrance.


The entrance to Kalevan Naveta is located on the first floor, on the side of the building facing the courtyard. Above the entrance, there is a colorful canopy. The entrance has automatic doors and is wheelchair accessible.


All meeting and public spaces within Kalevan Navetta are accessible. There is an elevator in the entrance hall that provides access to all floors of the building. You can borrow a wheelchair for the duration of the visit from the house information. Kaleva Navetta’s offices are located at the south end of the building behind a locked door. Access to the office spaces can be arranged upon request.


Accessible restrooms are located on the first floor between the Äärellä Kuppi + Kattila restaurant counter and the information desk. During events, an accessible restroom is also available in the Hugo Hall on the second floor.

Induction Loop System

An induction loop system is installed in the Hugo Hall for hearing aid users. When using the induction loop, the user selects the T or MT position on their hearing aid. The strength of the magnetic field emitted by the induction loop and thus the quality of the sound signal produced by the hearing aid may vary slightly in different parts of the hall. Recommended places for hearing aid users are the back of the hall and the sides. The coverage map is located near the entrance to Hugo Hall.

Assistants and Guide Dogs

Assistants and guide dogs are welcome at Kalevan Navetta. Assistants have free admission to Seinäjoki Kunsthalle exhibitions. Assistants generally have free admission to concerts and events (exceptions may apply depending on the event organizer).

Fragrance-Free Environment

We advise our visitors to avoid using strongly scented products on our premises and thus consider those suffering from asthma and fragrance sensitivity.

Principles of Safer Space 

The art and culture center Kalevan Navetta is a space free from discrimination, where the principles of equality and a safer space are followed. 

  • Everyone is equally valuable here, and each person has the right to feel welcome and secure at Kalevan Navetta. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination, racism, bullying, or harassment within our premises. 
  • Name-calling and other inappropriate behavior do not belong to the art and culture center. 
  • We respect each individual’s personal physical and psychological space and also request space for ourselves if necessary.

Take the following steps if you encounter harassment or any other inappropriate behavior: 

  • If you notice someone behaving inappropriately or violating the principles of a safer space in any way, intervene or report the incident to the staff. If necessary, the staff can remove the person behaving inappropriately from the event. 
  • You can also contact us afterward via email at We review all feedback and contacts confidentially.